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05.04.08 11:54 Age: 11 year(s)

Dear users,

Getting an award from the Effizienzgurus doesn't have to do with gambling. If we honour a product with one of our commendations, it's for a good reason. What reasons we could have to pull out one our awards, can be read here:

The "perfect choice" award is our most valuable award and is only given to those products that are absolutely perfect. Not one single spot spoils the tested device. Products which receive this award can be bought fearlessly.

The award "good choice" is given to those products that are almost perfect. They will satisfy their users most certainly. This tag is inferior to the "efficient" award, but still meaningful. Labeled with our “good choice” award, it is likely that the device receives the highest award elsewhere.

This well known award is for those products that have an outstanding value for their price. The price itself is of no importance, as long as the product is reasonably cheap in comparison to its usefulness. So, a device may well cost 200 Euros and can still get this award, if it offers a great countervalue for your money.

The "green award" is supposed to put emphasis on the topics energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Whether we get a hand on an energy efficient power supply or review middle range graphics cards that offer superior performance compared to their energy consumption, this award will get its opportunity to decorate products. We might also consider chosing this award, if the manufacturer frankly provides the user with the possibility to dispose of the product.

Some of the awards can also be combined when there is the need to honour the product in more than just category. This gives us some flexibility in awarding products as needed.

But whatever award we give, you can count on one thing: Every product that receives an award from us is really good – promised!


Your EffizienzGurus.de-Team

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