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Scope of supply & Appearance

 Two very well packed, lightweight parcels were brought to us by the postman. Just as big as casual notebook HDDs, the CSX SSDs are a fair bit lighter than their predecessors. They come in silvery cases, decorated only with informative labels, which tell us the drives serial numbers as well as their most important attributes.


Following the 2.5” standard, these drives can easily be installed into notebooks or used together with mounting frames, thus making them 3.5” compatible. The user doesn't have to worry about the connectors either, since they are built after the normal S-ATA standard.


Being less attractive than competitive drives, the appearance has another downside: It is not very solid. Even though these two points may not be of major importance once the SSD is enjoying the protection of a notebook or a desktop computer, you should avoid putting pressure onto the drive under all circumstances, when installing it.

But let us now have a look at the really interesting questions surrounding SSDs. The following site contains the attempt of our editor Paul Metzmacher to demystify this new technology and bring light into the dark.