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Power consumption

In order to find out how much the drives consume, we use a very simple but effective method. Since all 3.5” HDDs need power from both the 12V and 5V rail and 2.5” HDDs / SDDs the 5V rail only, we just had to measure first the voltages while the drive was idling, then while it was reading / writing. Since watt equals voltage times amperage, we measured the current in a second measuring-round. This is what we got:

With the help of the diagram above, you should be able to calculate the power consumption of your HDD / SSD in an everyday scenario. We ourselves used decided to use 15% idle time, 35% write- and 50% read-operations.

Doesn't look bad for SSDs, does it? Well, if we take the memory space into account, SSDs actually consume far more power than HDDs. Have a look:

Hopefully we will soon be able to hold bigger SSDs in our hands. Then, we will check out their power consumption again and see if it increases with more memory space or not. Cause if we compare our test samples with the HDDs tested, they need 3,5x more power.



To get our test samples temperatures, we made use of an AXP fan controller and three temperature sensors with an accuracy of 0,1K. After we let the drives / disks read for at least 30 minutes non stop, we took temperature from both the upside and bottom side. The values are the delta to the room temperature.

Not much to state here. Our two SSDs stay pretty cool and might cause a notebook's fan to run a bit more slowly. Definitely something we'd like.




Service & Support

If you are in trouble with your Solid State Drive, a hotline is at your service during normal business hours. As the SSDs come along with a warranty time of three years, you should be able to sleep well after buying it. In case your SSD refuses to work anyhow, Computerstocx will exchange the product within three days after arrival and search for the error afterwards. This means that you don't have to wait an eternity to get your new SSD. We like that idea! Pardon? You need a phone number and e-mail-address from CSX already? Just click here.