The memory market is growing as fast as the clock speeds do. Here, manufactures need to show what their modules are capable of.

 IO Devices

There are many devices such as wireless desktop sets, steering wheels or a simple mouse. We try look at the market and select special products for you.


All the hardware needs a home. We have them all: From cheap basic cases to the ultimate dreamcase.


Got a fast CPU, lots of RAM, a nice graphics card, but still not able to watch a movie from your PC? There is always a solution.

 Air Cooling

Using aircoolers and fans is the easiest way to deal with the high thermal dissipation of today's latest componenents. We point out the differences.


The base: Pricing from below 50 Euros to way over 300 Euros, you can get everything. But what do you need?


Multimedia - Streaming-Clients, HTPC, Players? Here you go.


How much power do I need? Less can be more. And we tell you, why.


Online is (sometimes) the place to be and there are several products to make the Internet a smooth experience. At a few ones, we take a look here.

 This & That

Silencing stuff, rubber bolts, audio speaker systems, headsets, ... There is a lot more than the base pc components around. Here you can get a glimpse.


Onboard sound is not the real deal for Audio-Gurus. Here we show you, which ones to consider for your next audio experience.


HDDs, USB sticks, DVDs or SSDs. They all save data - some better than others.

 Water Cooling

Those who want to get out even the last bit of performance go for watercooling. We show you, which cpu block, radiator or pump to take.


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Our Awardsystem

Dear users,Getting an award from the Effizienzgurus doesn't have to do with gambling. If we honour a product with one of our commendations, it's for a good reason. What reasons we could have to pull out one our awards, can be read here:
The "perfect choice" award is our most valuable...