The GbR (non-trading, civil law association) has devoted itself to objective, high quality reviews on hardware. The project includes a home page with reviews and a forum where questions, problems and genreal topics can be discussed.


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Our team writes fully independently, though portions of the website may contain the editors opinion. Guides, tutorials and reviews are owned by the GbR and are protected by the copyright law. Site keeper, representive member and contact person for all issues are:


External Contact
Peter Bey
Besides his industrial engineers studies, dracoonpit takes care of our business partners. He is also our chief editor.

Marco Timm
Working as an independent insurance businessman, chibu is responsible for anything financial. Furthermore, he is concerned with merchandising articles for our community.

Together with a team of voluntary editors and moderators, we vouch for fair, competent and constructive articles. Furthermore we offer translations of instruction manuals or even homepages into the German language.


You are interested in cooperating with us? Feel free to get in contact with the Gurus!


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Liebe User und Gäste,
ein ehrgeiziges Projekt braucht ein starkes Team. Daher sind wir ständig auf der Suche nach engagierten Mitarbeitern, die Freude an der Arbeit eines PC-Online-Magazins haben. Wer Lust hat, redaktionell zu helfen und Produkte mit gestellten Testsystemen unter die Lupe zu nehm...

Our Awardsystem

Dear users,Getting an award from the Effizienzgurus doesn't have to do with gambling. If we honour a product with one of our commendations, it's for a good reason. What reasons we could have to pull out one our awards, can be read here:
The "perfect choice" award is our most valuable...